COVID-19 Policies

Preschool Hours:

We are open from 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM, Monday-Friday and closed for certain holidays/teacher workdays (see parent resources tab for details)

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures:

Hello Parents! Please read carefully through all of our COVID-19 policies and procedures. If you need clarification on anything, a member of admin would be happy to talk with you. We can be reached at (919) 365-7714 or via email at

Before Entering Preschool: 

Our first line of defense against COVID-19 starts with the integrity and diligence of our families and staff each day. Below are details on that process: 

  • Please be sure all children and adults 5 and up wear a face covering into the building. If you are not able to wear a mask, please call us at (919) 365-7714 and a member of admin will come and bring your child into the preschool for you. 
  • Please sanitize or wash hands before entering Preschool suite. 
  • While waiting in health screening line, please use social distance floor markers. 
  • A member of Admin will ask you (and everyone going through Preschool doors with you) to confirm you can answer “No” to the following questions: 
    1. Have you or any of the children you are dropping off had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone with symptoms of COVID-19 or been diagnosed with COVID-19, or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you or advised you to quarantine?
    2. Do you or do any of the children you are dropping off have any of these symptoms: Fever, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, new loss of taste or smell? 
    3. Since they were last at the childcare facility, have you or have any of the children you are dropping off been diagnosed with COVID-19? 
  • The temperature for you and everyone in your party going through the Preschool doors will be checked (with touchless thermometer) and will need to read below 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Anyone who cannot answer “No” to questions above or whose temperature reads above 99.5 will not be allowed to enter Preschool.  

What to do if your child is sent home or cannot come in due to symptoms: 

If your child is showing signs of one of the following symptoms – fever, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, new loss of taste or smell, they must stay home or if already at Preschool be kept in front office and required to be picked up as soon as possible. Once these symptoms are present there are several options to clear your child to come back to school:

  1. Take your child to get tested for COVID-19 (we recommend 907 Gateway Commons Circle in Wake Forest as their results typically come back same day). Once a negative result comes back, your child can return to school. 
  2. Child must be excluded from school for 10 days with a decline in symptoms for additional 3 days before returning to school. 

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Other Prevention Methods: 

In an effort to further minimize the spread of germs, extra cleaning protocols and revised policies have been added to our usual routines. These include: 

  • All staff/parents are required to wear a mask and/or face shield (unless medical exemption is present)
  • Regular sanitizing (about every hour) of all commonly touched surfaces (i.e. mouse pad and keys, all door handles through main entrances, etc.) 
  • Water fountains in Preschool suite have been blocked off. Children will drink from individual cups with water from pitchers that are sanitized each night. 
  • All students will wash hands upon entering classroom and frequently throughout day including before and after eating, after playground, etc. 
  • Teachers will use a mild sanitizing spray during day and a strong disinfectant spray each night on all commonly touched surfaces, toys, etc. Toys that are mouthed by infants are separated immediately after use and sanitized. 
  • Classes are socially distancing in hallways and separated by class when outside on playground. Trips down hallway are minimized during pick-up and drop-off times to help maintain social distance standards. Parents are not to enter classrooms and must drop child off at the door. 
  • Sensory play has been modified for safety reasons (i.e. separate playdough for each child and sensory tables can only be filled with items that can be sanitized after use) 
  • We are no longer using the indoor common spaces (such as gym or dance room) 
  • Floaters are assigned to same room whenever possible and encouraged to maintain 6 feet distance when providing bathroom breaks to other teachers.  

For more information on COVID-19 procedures, please contact us at or (919) 365-7714.

Thank you!