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“Great environment for my kids!  They love your children as much as you do!  Dedicated staff who are always willing to help.” – McSwain Family,
“They are the very best of the best.  The teachers love the kids.  My granddaughter was well prepared for kindergarten.” – Richardson family
“5 is not enough stars. Excellent discipleship, care and they love each and every child.  My daughter is well prepared for kindergarten.” – Hobbs Family
“The staff at CBCP has become an extension of our family over the last 5 years!  As my oldest daughter is entering kindergarten in a few weeks, I am CONFIDENT she is prepared for her new chapter in elementary school.” – Hopkins Family

"I love how genuince the staff is!  From administration, to his amazing teachers everyone seems to care.  The structure and schedule also allows for growth and development.[Our son] loves centers and playing with the train station.  He has grown so much socially.  He was so shy and anxious in the very beginning and now he looks forward to school!" - Walsh Family, Son Age 4

"We have a great relationship with each of the boys teachers.  It's a family-feel everyday at drop off.  We know that the staff at Central puts our boys needs first.  The boys love having center time with friends and learning Bible lessons during circle time.  They come home singing songs they've learned in class every week.  Both boys have grown so much by attending Central.  [Out oldest son] is able to memorize all his Bible verses and tell us about the Bible stories he has learned.  [Our youngest son is 2] and is signing the alphabet, knows most colors and enjoying playing with his classmates.  We are very pleased with what our boys are leaning at Central." - Lanier Family, Boys Ages 2 and 4

"[Central Preschool] has great teachers who communicate how [our son] is doing and things we might need to work on.  Great support staff who are very firendly and helpful. [Our son] loves to go outside, play with friends, write numbers, lunch and snack time.  He has learned a lot of BIble verses and understands how important God is.  He has learned how to count, his ABC's, how to write his name, many different words and sounds of all letters.  He is also learning how to play and interact with others in a respectful manner." -Batts Family, Boy Age 5

"I love that Central makes my child and myself feel welcomed.  They appear to deeply care for my child and have his best interests at heart.  Outdoor playtime is [my sons] favorite.  He speaks frequently about the trucks and balls on the playground.  Central has nurtured all areas of my child's development.  Not only does he come home labeling shapes and colors but I've noticed he is happier and more socially competent since starting at Central.  He also is growing to have a relationship with Christ, which is very important to me." -Johnson/Crocker Family, Boy Age 2

"What we like best about Central is the peace of mind I have that my kids are safe, enjoying their time there and learning.  Central feels like an extension of our home.  The teachers make my kids feel like they are part of their family.  My daughter loves free play and ballet class.  We love that she gets to participate in an activity while still in school. My son has grown tremendously socially.  He had a really hard transition initially but now is like a new baby. He is very open to playing with new people and experimenting with new toys." - Matthews Family, Boy and Girl, Ages 1 and 4

"The administration at Central is professional and loving.  The facility is first class.  The teachers are caring and teach children these qualities.  [Our daughter] loves learning about Jesus and his parables, playing outside and learning Bible verses.  She has learned how to pray, recite Bible verses, and Jesus' parables.  She also has learned the things needed to prepare her for Kindergarten.  She loves playing and talking to friends and staff." -Basco Family, Girl Age 5

"We love that Central is Christ focused and there are exracurriculars offered.  [Our older daughter] loves playing outside, soccer and dance!  She says the blessing, knows about Jesus, likes her friends/teachers and we've seen so much academic growth! Our [younger daughter's] teachers are so nurturing! She loves eating there and is taking well to a schedule now." - Gentry Family, Girls Ages 8 months and 3

"We've had all 3 of our children go to Central.  The teachers and faculty do a great job preparing the children for Kindergarten and beyond.  The values they help instill are also greatly appreciated. [Our son] loves playing with friends, signing songs and learning new things (e.g. colors, shapes, alphabet songs, etc.).  He has definitely improved his vocabulary while attending CBC Preschool.  He also enjoys signing the songs and hymns he learned at school." - Farmer Family, Son Age 2

"I love the way the Preschool keeps us informed of all activities.  The teachers and staff are always so pleasant and have really shown a genuine interest in [our daughter]. She loves making new friends and learning new songs.  She is always signing a new tune at home.  Since joining Central, [our daughter] has grown so much verbally! She is able to use her words and make sentences for things she wants and needs!" - Mitchell Family, Daughter Age 3

"I love that I can confidently leave my children each day and know that they are loved and cared for. The teachers and staff are very attentive. I receive phone calls for the tinitest incident but it gives me peace of mind not having to ever wonder or worry about my babies. [Our son] runs to the class each day, which leads me to believe he enjoys school as a whole which is a great thing. It amazes me how much our son brings home - he corrected me on an oval when I called it a circle! He sings so many songs - tells me his colors and talks about his friends by name. His days are undoubtedly filled with wonderful activities!" - Fuchs Family, Son Age 2

"Everyone at Central has been extremely helpful and friendly (even when I asked 10 questions a day the first week).  Viverette comes home each day smiling and asks each morning "When is it time for big girl school?"  [Our daughter's] favorite parts of the day are when she gets to play and grow her imagination with her friends and doing letter crafts.  She has made many letter/sound connections, loves to be the leader of the blessing each night at home and asks when she can have playdates with classmates." - Thompson Family, Girl Age 3

""I love at drop-off in the mornings, all the front office staff knows my little ones name and says good morning to her!  Also when taking her back to her classroom her teachers are so happy to see her and immediately start to ask her what she wants to do today! It really sets the tone for her day and makes her feel comfotable.  When I asked [our daughter] what her favorite things at school are, she told me "Ms. Paula!"   My little one has grown so much in her speech, which is a big deal because she has a little bit of a speech delay.  She has also opened up to playing with other little ones - we weren't getting very many opporunities to socialize until starting at CWP!" -Weaver Family, Girl Age 2

"We love how excited [our daughter] is to go to school every week! She loves crafts and activities.  She is much more outgoing and learning so much since attending Central!" -Swarr Family, Girl Age 2

"Our daughter has really blossomed socially and is not as timid as she was at first.  She is really learning her letters and numbes and we've seen significant improvement in her writing. Spiritually, she is really enjoying the various learnings about Jesus and what pleases us most is that she is freely sharing what she's learned with others.  She has become a "sponge" when hearing about Jesus and innocently does what God has called us to do and that is to share Him with others." - Baker Family

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